The company S.M TRADERS was founded in 1978 as an import and export company in the Pakistan & U.A.E Its business has continued to develop and has become so specialized in the trade of used garments, used shoes, Antique and accessories. Following its rapid development in the market and thanks to our policy we have succeeded in increasing the number of our customers all over the world. The company S.M TRADERS was thus able to occupy an important place in the other competition companies in the European Union. Our operating chain has extended to Russia, Georgia, Ukraine in addition to Poland, Slovakia and Lithuania. We also have a large operating chain in Africa.

We strive to expand our range of products while maintaining better quality and meeting market demands. We make a lot of effort to assure our importing customers the quantity of goods requested and prepare the orders within a maximum of three weeks.


We take care of collecting clothes and we also buy clothes from wholesalers in order to meet the needs of our customers.