We specialize in processing and grading used shoes from Europe and Canada and used clothing from Western Europe, offering a regular supply of quality used shoes and clothes at realistic and competitive prices. We have been in the used shoe and clothing business since 1978 and our success is due to the fact that we always put our customers FIRST! We have experienced graders who have been grading used shoes and clothes for over 40 years, so our customer's shipments are exactly what they have paid for. Our business has grown from supplying a few customers in Africa, This is due to the fact that we are ethical, we supply a quality product, and we make sure that our customers are always satisfied.

For customers visiting U.A.E & PAKISTAN, we are easy to reach as our warehouse is 20 minutes from Jinnah terminal. Customers are welcome to visit us at our warehouse direct or we can organize to collect them at Jinnah terminal. We advise pre-booked appointments due to the high volume of customers.


We take care of sorting bags picked up according to its content such as: Clothes, Shoes, Toys, Accessories, Handbags, Belts, ... etc. In this sorting stage, we take care of selecting the best qualities of the Crème, Goods destined to the countries of Africa "GRADE AFRICA", and goods destined to the countries of Pakistan "GRADE PAKISTAN". The rag issued during this stage will be packed and destined to the country of India and Pakistan.


We have two methods of packaging our products: Either directly in large volume bags whose capacity is about 150 kg or small volume of 40 kg of capacity. Either in pressed bales that will be loaded into containers for export. The capacity of the bales can be 45, 50, 55 60, 80 and 100 kg and the customer has the free choice of the weight and the color of bales according to the needs of his country. This method would allow us to gain less bulk and more bullet weights..


A 20-ton container with a capacity of 12 tonnes or 40 feet capacity of 28 tonnes will be ordered either by us or directly by the customer. The 20 foot container can hold up to 230 bales of 55 kg of clothes without shoes or toys. This container capacity can extend for 45 kg bales. For the 40-foot container, the number of bales will be about 520 bales for the 55 kg bales and 635 bales for the 45 kg bales without shoes or toys.